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I WILL ressurect this place. Just bare with me...

I think i need to let people know about it more too. Im a bit worried about where to promote it though without us getting a load of drama and hassle. so if any ideas pop into your minds let me know :P

and a question...

everyone has their safe foods...

most non-eating disordered people have comfort foods...

they are mostly the same thing if you think properly about it...

but do you have something that is comforting to you in the sense that you would consume it to make you feel better...

for me its tea. i drink a LOT of tea. Diet coke is an obsession of mine, but tea is my comfort. 

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My mind is so insane right now.

Today my sisters had to clear out all their clothes that didnt fit them anymore.

my sisters are 9 & 11 years old.

and my mother brought out these pair of shorts that no longer fit the 11 year old and the 9 year old wont wear them because "she doesnt like them" and mum has become attached to these shorts

and so she brought them to my room and asked me if they would fit me.

is there something completely wrong with that concept? asking a 20 year old to try on 11 year old clothes?

I wasnt expecting these things to go up past my knees. im 20 years old and im 5'7" FFS

They did. I managed to button them and everything, but they were just too tight for me.

and so my mind went mad on me telling me that i must be ridiculously fat and that i really should have been able to fit into those shorts properly.

and it confuses me so much. i feel so ridiculously fat and it confuses the hell out of me

So its a new community... what are you going to do about it?

So as the title suggests...

I have set this place up as promised, but i need the input.

Firstly theres member & post moderation...

Unless there are going to be mods for this place on every time zone i dont think it is right to moderate posts and so if theres a load of idiots there are 2 options...

1) BITCH them out and ban them if need be.
2) moderate membership.


The next thing is... what would you like to see on the profile representing this community? What do you want the "guidelines" or "morals" to be here? I say that because "rules" seems a bit harsh. I dont like rules :p

any comments appreciated as far as the setting up goes... it's everyones comm. It's here due to demand ive just done the technicalities :)